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Computational science has been regarded as the third pillar in knowledge discovery and has revolutionized how science and engineering are being done.  Its roles in research and education increases rapidly as computer and information technologies continue to improve.  Recognizing the enormous potential of computational science not only in promoting the advancements of traditional science and engineering domains but also in developing cyber-infrastructure for e-science, e-learning, e-commerce, etc. The Institute for Computational Science and Technology (ICST) was officially formed in 2007 and in operation in December of 2008 in Ho-Chi-Minh City.

ICST’s aim is to make computational science the key force in advancing science and engineering in Vietnam, whether it is for understanding fundamental knowledge such as protein folding or reaction mechanisms or for solving practical problems such as  modeling environmental impacts or manufacturing composite material-based boats.  ICST has the vision of becoming a sustainable world-class research institution that propels Vietnam into the global knowledge economy.
As in any journey of a thousand miles, the first step is always the hardest.  ICST is no exception as it faces numerous challenges at the beginning.   However, with the support from the city government and the Office of Science and Technology, with the dedications from overseas faculty members, and the hard-work of young researchers, ICST has made tremendous progressin building the infrastructure, research environment, and research capabilities.  This report marks our progress after two years in operation.   With the present progress,  we are confident that our challenges can be overcome with strategic investments in both efforts and resources to a number of initiatives in 2010-2015, namely:

-Establish Sandwich MS and PhD programs with universities that have strong computational science components initially through the Institute affiliated members who are also faculty at well-known universities in USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

-Foster international research collaborations with universities, government laboratories and industries via visiting scientist and seminar programs.

-Establish Summer Internship programs for young faculty and graduate students from universities in Vietnam.

-Organize Summer schools, workshops, and conferences in specific areas of computational science.

Above all we hope ICST to be the bridge that brings scientists from all over the world to Vietnam to experience the beautiful country, the rich cultural heritage, and to partner in advancing science and engineering through computing.



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Dear ICST cluster user,
We would like to announce that our cluster will be upgraded. However if you see any issue before us, please report it to problems.it@icst.org.vn. Thanks for your patience and cooperation during this downtime.

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